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Certificates of Yuriy Shatunov

Yuriy Shatunov’s passport and certificate of employment, when he was worked in the band «Laskoviy May».

Records «Laskoviy May»

Records songs «Laskoviy May», published in the recording studio «Melody» in 1989.

First songs manuscripts

First songs manuscripts written by Sergey Kuznetsov.

Calendars featuring Yuriy Shatunov

Calendars with the image of Yuriy Shatunov issued from 1992 to 2008.

Fans collections

Fans Collections: tapes, CD, photos, icons, DVD, posters, cards, keychains, bookmarks, notebooks, sketchpads, diaries, and other things with Yuriy Shatunov.

Yuriy Shatunov’s autographs

Autographs of Yuriy Shatunov.

Magazines and newspaper clippings

Magazines and newspapers that published articles or notes about Yuriy Shatunov.