От Антонов на Шатунов

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I started discovering the true original russian artists searching clips on yandex.ru the last winter starting also Spain in campings on wifi starting the first with Игорь Тальков in a night when I almost cried and then Юрий Антонов almost trembling the next time feeling the original russian gold of art and voice and the third time Сергей Мазаев in a night when I drank a half of pack of coffee when with the first sunrise freshly tired and stimulated by the coffee I tried Shatunov appearing by himself second after Antonov.With the first clip I was remembering the Moldavian Republic seeing the strange fat boy who was giving me again the impression of strange, hidden freshness unexplained charming who was singing like live afraid not to be to unimportant after too long after while missing the first seen russians in the dirty landscape of the first "border open" and the bad grasses killing the rare roses in those fields.After a while I discovered also the "actual" Shatunov who was having also moldavian words in lyrics and moldavian people I saw in Kishinev at his concerts and I thought he may be instead an original transnistrian better protected on the scene in the big game of fake and censorship but who was singing a lot more fresh and artistically attractive and he was making me trembling listening.I too long hesitate even now to finish expressing what I thought anyway that he may be, and here I wish full of shame not to say it or to be censored, an original russian and transnistrian fish and dealer thinking at the russian blue eyed my younger age boys I saw there when Russian was being spoken.After the border and law breaking and my traveling also in Ukraine I started being harassed by bessarabian bugs.That happened also a few days ago also here in Spain at Siurana camping where two of them came again to stick around calling me "bitch" instead of "idiot" from Bessarabia where I have been patient enough to gain a brain tattoo with it what happened a lot in Ukraine where I have been 2 x 2 months legal tourist to be called after in Poland bitch at every five minutes because I didn't stay there instead on streets day and night around my "houses on earth" how they the bessarabians are staying higher than any stupid people paying the hotels to walk decently on streets.Anyway I have the fantasy that Mr.Shatunov is a hidden transnistrian with some identity trick as I found also in the lyrics of some concert that in translation would be "you think that I the (trans)nistrinan I love you, I don't think so, to much is your love (instead)"so... don't have enough money to buy that human heaven so prepare for me only some weak amphetamines because I'm hungry only to feel again all as fresh as at start with a Kalashnikov machine gun.I hate the bessarabians.Please cancel me the account for any misrule because I can only warn here.God rest himself in holy wars there!Thank you Mr.Shatunov only for being(in my ears).

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