Рядом с ней

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The clip Рядом с ней starts with the picture of Mr.shatunov looking half like Bruce Lee, half like a dead man, if wouldn't have been so sad I would have tought is a song to repeat by the russian nationalists because has an "underlined" душа моя - my shower.I don't know the lyrics but I'm ashamed to say I neither searched all the discography from the site and I think I saw already the song.Maybe Mr.Shatunov wants to say something specially to me only because of my sympathy, will the Diaspora really end with all the anarchy coming now from the foreigner neighbors as I see he is looking back at the train stations of his life in the other song?He's saying at a certain time Ilie net, that's the name of my father born in 1946 at the start of the romanian communism.Saint Ilie is spoken to be a saint of the children and generally the people are thinking hearing about the saint that a child does or doesn't some stupid things.Mr.Shatunov looks like later like a dead man with a big disappointment and some aspect remembers me of my father who was announced to me dead the last year 2013, 13 a bad luck or good luck number and I think he's hiding bec...

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I didn't live with my father in his lifetime so I don't have other pictures except the two for his funerals.
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I think in the song is main something about love, I wait for the lyrics but in the same time I understand something very romantic, maybe will not like me equally Russia either after Moldavia after didn't Ukraine, only the latins fit more fore love like the russian for military and the americans for music, I really hated it invaded by the uneducated romanians and the disappearing of the russian language inland and Kishinev look like too sweet after one hour in Tiraspol that made me in love for the fresh healing russian language.A slavic can't be really recognised in a warm landscape, is very special on rain or in a snowy winter so I have to apologise to the moldavian as I have been casually polite around when I saw them in Europe.

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2014 songs

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I've just saw on the official channel on youtube of Mr.Shatunov his songs on 2014 and how he changed a little his fresh slavic style in a sweeter latin one being strongly impressed from his art fulfilled like couldn't be although by any latin.I was searching the lyrics and the album on the official site and I didn't find them.Don't leave me time for too much fantasy Mr.Shatunov because I gave up the russian language until the end of the Moldavian Republic and today I drink again a Schnaps in Austria but after a big coffee and black tea for any thirst.Will Mr.Shatunov become a Moldavian changing his Ukrainian snake T-Shirt at the end of Moldavia?I travel in Austria in the fir tree woods on mountains because the small lizards horn vipers are remembering me of my father and generally of slavics, my grand father ran from Cernauti in the war time.My father told me he was a painter of churches but I think he meant he was somehow afraid not to be declared criminal of war by the nazis, so my father has now an original romanian name.I'm afraid in camping and field of the big grass snakes, the vipers are venomous but don't attack, are thinking like the lizards and may bite only touched, with...

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I didn't live with my father in his lifetime so I don't have other pictures except the two for his funerals.
Tusnad cazare 2012 Martie (3).jpg
Tusnad cazare 2012 Martie (1).jpg
These are pictures where I look like slavic, I may look like also like latin but I think I am very fake this way and not in the profundity of my personality.I may be older a Rasputin type - so about three quarters of al the world population with dark hair.My father is very special, may compare himself with Mr.Shatunov, I have his picture on a CD very isolated and I think if to put it for some other time because I may put Mr.Shatunov in a situation of comparation with his equal strong personality.

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New blog

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This evening I'm drunk after a Rom Blanc italian (a little sweet) and a vodka RACHMANINOFF first of the big day's sleep.I'm just looking mentally tired at the Shatunov pictures feeling like an extacy drug instead of the amphetamine drug of freshness having mentally a break before sleep after the drink.I'm here on WIFI south in a camping at Lake the Guard in Italy.A word for russians - excuse my southern sweat disintoxication.I'm drunk already, I feel euphoric.
Today I read once more the blog because I remembered a litle strange, I was being drunk really to say is like a drug only to look at Shatunov but is true he is very technical himself with his half electronic exact music, I think also as personality, may understand that simple a sensation or feeling also himself.I was having once the phantasy he goes in some military base to make complicated procedures with radioactive technics feeling the girls without touching them or to make some sensational persecutions.I passed on black tea, I m afraid to leave something stupid on the screen.

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От Антонов на Шатунов

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I started discovering the true original russian artists searching clips on yandex.ru the last winter starting also Spain in campings on wifi starting the first with Игорь Тальков in a night when I almost cried and then Юрий Антонов almost trembling the next time feeling the original russian gold of art and voice and the third time Сергей Мазаев in a night when I drank a half of pack of coffee when with the first sunrise freshly tired and stimulated by the coffee I tried Shatunov appearing by himself second after Antonov.With the first clip I was remembering the Moldavian Republic seeing the strange fat boy who was giving me again the impression of strange, hidden freshness unexplained charming who was singing like live afraid not to be to unimportant after too long after while missing the first seen russians in the dirty landscape of the first "border open" and the bad grasses killing the rare roses in those fields.After a while I discovered also the "actual" Shatunov who was having also moldavian words in lyrics and moldavian people I saw in Kishinev at his concerts and I thought he may be instead an original transnistrian better protected on the scene in the big ...

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Седая ночь

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I want to say in this my second blog in English because I'm afraid not to forget my first misunderstandings that I liked first of all when I first heard Mr.Shatunov's pieces "Седая ночь"
which I understood instead of gray night a dissociated "sedative night" and I remembered of my first days in Кишинёв hearing after dark some shootings and violences very strong but unexplained very relaxing in the fresh air as I was very frightened at that first time of the romanian gypsies and I was starting feeling like being closed in a protective purgatory.I was feeling happy for a first time discovered territory and people feeling better home having a feeling like a "deja vu" of my first childhood forgotten in the later age of speaking or of a dream confused with that.
"А не добрый вечер" I remembered from the few lessons "but isn't a good evening" and I was thinking at the street's beats and shoots like at a sedative medicine took once with the fresh air of the evening for a good sleep.It's strange to say that but in fact what I saw and heard there was more like an art no matter how ugly was in the local landscape and any russian of any kind w...

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My first Shatunov contact.

Постоянная ссылка IWAN 31 май 2013, 01:44

I am a very new admirer of Shatunov music after I recently discovered the his name and his clips on yandex.video and after his official site and I want to say I feel suddenly healed every time I listen his music as I often feel a kind of worldwide warm sickness that is broadcast in Europe.I heard the first time the Russian language in the Moldavian Republic taking the bus from Kishinev to Tiraspol.I have been the first time on a Russian territory for only one hour and I returned because I wasn't knowing any letter but I remained obsessed with the fascinating purity of the Russian language and I started learning words from dictionary only writing them with Russian letters because I wasn't trusting it in the other part of the country and I was being afraid not to start with wrong associations.After an year there started being spoken only Romanian with a lot of bad jokes and I left from the Russian lady I knew for a room rent as a same kind of sickness was increasing along with the Romanians and the general anarchy.I took in Romania a book having the first euphoria paled and I learned the first few lessons and liking very much how I was speaking myself I was thinking very often to go again...

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