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I've just saw on the official channel on youtube of Mr.Shatunov his songs on 2014 and how he changed a little his fresh slavic style in a sweeter latin one being strongly impressed from his art fulfilled like couldn't be although by any latin.I was searching the lyrics and the album on the official site and I didn't find them.Don't leave me time for too much fantasy Mr.Shatunov because I gave up the russian language until the end of the Moldavian Republic and today I drink again a Schnaps in Austria but after a big coffee and black tea for any thirst.Will Mr.Shatunov become a Moldavian changing his Ukrainian snake T-Shirt at the end of Moldavia?I travel in Austria in the fir tree woods on mountains because the small lizards horn vipers are remembering me of my father and generally of slavics, my grand father ran from Cernauti in the war time.My father told me he was a painter of churches but I think he meant he was somehow afraid not to be declared criminal of war by the nazis, so my father has now an original romanian name.I'm afraid in camping and field of the big grass snakes, the vipers are venomous but don't attack, are thinking like the lizards and may bite only touched, with their sounds like very relaxed in the tranquilizing fir tree carpets are making anybody just to love them and just rest with the risk of death in their dormitories.Thank you Mr.Shatunov just for being such a rare prince on a high world mountain.
I didn't live with my father in his lifetime so I don't have other pictures except the two for his funerals.
Tusnad cazare 2012 Martie (3).jpg
Tusnad cazare 2012 Martie (1).jpg
These are pictures where I look like slavic, I may look like also like latin but I think I am very fake this way and not in the profundity of my personality.I may be older a Rasputin type - so about three quarters of al the world population with dark hair.My father is very special, may compare himself with Mr.Shatunov, I have his picture on a CD very isolated and I think if to put it for some other time because I may put Mr.Shatunov in a situation of comparation with his equal strong personality.

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