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The clip Рядом с ней starts with the picture of Mr.shatunov looking half like Bruce Lee, half like a dead man, if wouldn't have been so sad I would have tought is a song to repeat by the russian nationalists because has an "underlined" душа моя - my shower.I don't know the lyrics but I'm ashamed to say I neither searched all the discography from the site and I think I saw already the song.Maybe Mr.Shatunov wants to say something specially to me only because of my sympathy, will the Diaspora really end with all the anarchy coming now from the foreigner neighbors as I see he is looking back at the train stations of his life in the other song?He's saying at a certain time Ilie net, that's the name of my father born in 1946 at the start of the romanian communism.Saint Ilie is spoken to be a saint of the children and generally the people are thinking hearing about the saint that a child does or doesn't some stupid things.Mr.Shatunov looks like later like a dead man with a big disappointment and some aspect remembers me of my father who was announced to me dead the last year 2013, 13 a bad luck or good luck number and I think he's hiding because I haven't been clean enough in the public bathrooms staying all year in camping, I see three clear watches going in down and two half clear, half hidden, one in down with the other and one going up, all with a big disappointment like music.I don't really like my people returning to the first and I disliked Ukraine for being to open to them after the Moldavia finished in the russian language.I'm sorry for yor train stations Mr.Shatunov, I'm not happy for that land free.
I didn't live with my father in his lifetime so I don't have other pictures except the two for his funerals.
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Рядом с ней
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